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Our 2-day training course, delivered by the former global programmes manager at the Financial Times and Hearst Magazines (Elle, Cosmo, Men’s Health, Good Housekeeping). This course covers everything you need to consider when developing more complex customer journeys. We’ll cover the technology and data model you need, explain how to use consumer psychology to create memorable customer journeys and show you how to deploy an effective testing strategy that delivers optimised results.

Course Programme

We’ve taken the more advanced parts of our training courses and combined them into this two-day programme:

Data and marketing automation systems – Explore how marketing automation systems work under-the-hood and how and why this impacts your campaigns. Understand how to configure your systems and data to support more complex customer journeys at scale.

Designing effective customer journeys – Learn how to break-down your customer lifecycle into a seamless series of objective-driven marketing automations and use consumer psychology to create memorable customer journeys that give you the highest chances of success.

Lead scoring, clusters and predictive models – Discover how to use predictive models, clusters and lead scoring to trigger intelligent automations that increase your chances of conversion at each stage of the funnel.

Testing, analysis and optimisation – You’ll discover how to set up a rigorous testing strategy that allows you to measure, analyse and optimise conversions at every stage of your customer journey.  

Who should attend

You’ll enjoy this course if want to learn how to successfully scale eCRM and marketing automation activity across your customer lifecycle. This course will take you through the practicalities of running more complex multi-channel marketing automations designed to acquire, nurture, retain and win-back more customers over time.

How will this benefit me?

At the end of our 2-day training course, you’ll leave being able to:

  • Design multi-channel customer journeys which deliver key business objectives using learnings from consumer psychology to support your designs
  • Blend ad-hoc and always-on marketing activity seamlessly into an enjoyable and profitable customer experience
  • Configure your marketing automation system and customer data to cope with more complex customer journeys at scale
  • Deliver a testing strategy that will support ongoing analysis and optimisation across your entire customer journey
Advanced Course Rated 2018


“Charles is a seriously well informed individual with a lot of experience. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough.”
Course Attendee, Nov ’18


“One of the best sources of marketing automation information I’ve come across.”
Course Attendee, Nov ’18


“This course was so informative for me…I would recommend this course to anyone!”
Course Attendee, Nov ’18

Meet your trainer

Charles Wyn-Davies has spent the past 10 years designing and working with CRM and marketing automation technologies. He’s designed campaigns to target the likes of the NHS, local government, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken and managed automated campaigns for brands such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Esquire and Good Housekeeping.

Latterly he managed global marketing programmes for the Financial Times where he ran marketing and customer success teams in the UK and Asia to deliver award-winning customer experiences to the Financial Times’ 500k+ B2B subscribers.

Charles also runs the Marketing Automation Network in London.

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